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Warhammer 9031 Broken Realms: Rattachak - Rattachak's Doom-coven
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Warhammer 9031 Broken Realms: Rattachak - Rattachak's Doom-coven

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While many skaven are repelled by the very sight of fire, Rattachak the Warlock Bombardier is positively obsessed with the stuff and can often be found with tufts of singed fur from his many experiments. Using custom incendiary doomrockets of his own designs and taking to the field with amped-up Stormfiends, the deranged skaven warlock is rarely far away from somebody's explosive end.

Lead the products of skaven ingenuity to war amidst a storm of fire and lightning. Combine the models in the set with the rules found in Broken Realms: Kragnos, and you’ll be able to easily field the Rattachak's Doom Coven warscroll battalion for Skaven armies, representing the crazed Warlock Bombardier and his crackling entourage. This box also saves you money compared to getting the models separately!

This boxed set contains:
1x Warlock Bombardier
3x Stormfiends
1x Warp Lightning Cannon.

The set is comprised of 160 plastic components, and is supplied with 3x 60mm Citadel Round Bases, 1x 32mm Citadel Round Base, and 1x Citadel Large Oval Base.


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