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SWS 4815 F-4E Late Phantom II - PREVIEW
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SWS 4815 F-4E Late Phantom II - PREVIEW

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THIS KIT IS NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK but is available to order. Currently due for release at the end of Qtr II (July/August-ish)

  • 1/48th scale kit

The three major points of F-4E Late "Missouri ANG"

The long nose type features a long, slim nose and Vulcan cannon fairing, which makes it look very different from the short nose type. Just like our short nose kit, we are proud of this kit's beautiful external shape, precise design, and ease of assembly, For an even higher quality, SWS development team researched the actual aircraft thoroughly.

Adapting the special paint schemes to celebrate the Phantom 30th anniversary on the 131 TFW's commander's "Missouri ANG" aircraft in July 1988.It has "30 Years of Phabulous Phantoms" on the left side of the fuselage and a unique grey camouflage with Hill Grey I and II.

The first F4 equipped with Vulcan cannon

The F-4E Late is equipped with the six-barrel 20mm Vulcan cannon M61A1 underside of the nose, and the ASG-26 gunsight. To counteract heat and vibration during machine gun firing, the feed system was redesigned. The FCS was replaced by a compact, vibration-resistant AN/APQ-120. By solid state and combining the entire FCS into one system, it could be stored in the narrow nose. In the SWS kit, you can choose to reproduce the blast diffuser of the Vulcan cannon muzzle after Block 45.
Note: the fairing shape may look simple but is composed of cubic surfaces.

"Wings" for advanced air combat performance.

The main wings could vary depend on the development period. Similar to the J model, F-4E Early used the hard wing with fixed inboard leading-edge flaps. In the F-4E later models, the leading-edge flaps were changed to flexible slats to improve the air combat capabilities. Furthermore, TISEO was installed on the leading edge of the left main wing in some of the later models. Similar to J model, the F-4E's stabilizer was changed to a leading-edge slot, and an arrow-shaped reinforcement plate was put to the upper and lower surfaces of the stabilizer on some aircraft. You could further experience changes in all models of the long-nose type with the SWS kits.


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