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LP Lacquer Paints

The stunning tones and lustrous glossy finish provided by airbrushing Tamiya

Color Lacquer Paint are perfect for model car and motorcycle paint jobs, and its

tough membrane is perfectly suited to treatment with polishing compounds.

Colours previously only available as sprays - Pearl blue, Mica red, Pure

orange and more, are now in bottled form removing the need for decanting

when you want to airbrush.

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint’s true, consistent tones make it perfect for

airbrushing large areas. Mix 1 part Lacquer Paint with 1-2 parts dedicated

thinner, and make 2-3 passes over the subject with your airbrush. Pick out the

details with Tamiya Color mini acrylic paints: Lacquer Paints provide a durable

base coat that remains undamaged even by enamel topcoats.

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint dries quickly: most colours are safe to touch after an hour

and can be masked on top of 24 hours later, saving valuable time in the production of

your masterpiece. Again, as Lacquer Paints provide a durable base coat that remains

undamaged by enamel counterparts, there is less worry during paint jobs that require

multiple layers of paint.

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paints Resistance to enamel paints is a big advantage in

the weathering process too, as enamel paints are most commonly used for the

application of washes and depiction of dirt, grime and oil, in particular on military

model subjects. Just apply a Lacquer Paint base coat and get to work weathering!

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